Fuel & Water Tanks

Rapid Prep offers the right equipment for your job including surface preparation for all fuel & water storage tanks.

Surface Preparation for Fuel and Water Tanks

When working with fuel storage tanks it is very important that the internals of the tank are coated. This is because fuel and oil is lighter than water, so all the water drops to the bottom of the storage tank and it becomes very corrosive. The bottom of the tank is often contaminated with chlorides.

Common Applications Within Fuel & Water Tanks

  • Fuel and water storage tanks

Safety Considerations

Safety is one of Rapid Prep’s highest priorities, which is why we stock the highest quality blasting and sandblasting safety equipment including blast lights and radio communication systems that features the latest technology, so workers can operate with utmost comfort, efficiency and safety.

Choosing the right abrasive

The type of abrasives depends on the application it is being used for. We offer many abrasive options so blasters are able to clean the surface while removing the coating in less time. Our experts can help you choose what abrasive would work best for your job.

Equipment Considerations

Being prepared is essential, however you can only be so prepared when it come to the weather. There is not much that can be done to handle weather issues, except to use a dehumidifier to ensure that your blasting equipment is functioning at the highest production.

Available Equipment for rent and purchase

  • Diesel Dust Collectors
  • Diesel Vacuums
  • Trailer Blast Pots
  • Greener Blaster
  • Blast and Recovery Systems
  • Dehumidifiers

*Additional equipment available