Rapid Prep offers the right equipment for your job including surface preparation for all water sewerage treatment plants, general lead abatement, snow plows and trucks.

Sandblasting and Surface Preparation for Municipal Equipment

The primary benefit of abrasive blasting is that the media used are inert, which means that they do not react chemically with the material being cleaned.

Alternative methods which use chemical cleaners run the risk of potential reaction and damage to the underlying material. These effects are not always immediately detectable, and problems can become evident long after the surface has been coated. The surface then has to be re-stripped and re-coated, adding to the cost of the process.

  • Water sewerage treatment plants
  • General lead abatement
  • Snow plows and trucks

Safety Considerations

Safety is one of Rapid Prep’s highest priorities, which is why we stock the highest quality blasting and sandblasting safety equipment that features the latest technology, so workers can operate with utmost comfort, efficiency and safety.

Choosing the right abrasive

The type of abrasives depends on the application it is being used for. We offer many abrasive options so blasters are able to clean the surface while removing the coating in less time. Our experts can help you choose what abrasive would work best for your job.