Industrial Sandblasting Pots

Are you needing high-performance, industrial sandblasting pots? Rapid Prep has a wide variety of blast pots for sale and for rent.


Rapid Prep’s portable industrial dust collectors provide a cleaner and safer work environment alongside increased manufacturing efficiencies.

Abrasive and Media Blasting Equipment

Are you needing high-performance, superior abrasive sandblasting equipment? Rapid Prep offers a wide variety of blast units ranging from small portable blast pots to larger bulk blasters and even up to a 28 Ton abrasive blast system


Steel Grit Blasting & Vacuum Blasting Machines to suit your project needs and budget.

Wet Sandblasting and Slurry Blasting Equipment

Rapid Prep’s new and innovative dust-free wet blaster and slurry blaster provides nearly endless opportunities in the blasting and coatings industries.

Dehumidification Equipment

If you’re looking for a reliable solution for abrasive blasting humidity, look no further than our dehumidifier options.


Industrial Vacuum Systems are economical and versatile. Their ability to automatically or manually discharge material into any dump truck, dumpster, container or bag up to 11 feet high is essential.

Portable Blaster Packages

Rapid Prep portable sandblasting equipment is designed to meet your specific needs with a multitude of options.

Abrasive Blast Cabinets

Select from a wide range of in-stock factory options to meet your particular finishing requirements.

Compressed Air Drying Systems

Rapid Prep’s compressed air drying systems are the best choice for moisture removal in portable sandblasting applications. They reduce production downtime in all coating and lining processes and prevent air-line contamination, air-line freeze-ups, flash rusting, and clogged blast pots, ensuring efficient air compressor sandblasting.

Abrasive Blast Booth

These units are designed to your specific need. Our blast room designs take into consideration the largest piece to be blasted, while leaving adequate room the workers. Correct sizing of the blast room is a key factor in cost effective abrasive blast system design.