Schmidt Blast Recovery System

Schmidt BRS for Sale or Rent

Schmidt Blast Recovery System Eliminates Dust Clouds, Poor Visibility & Expensive Clean Up

Schmidt BRS for SaleThe Schmidt Blast Recovery System (BRS) blasts and vacuum simultaneously (or separately). The Schmidt BRS also eliminates offensive dust clouds, poor visibility and expensive cleanup. This portable blaster is ideal for jobs where traditional open-air blasting is prohibited, or is not possible or practical.

The BRS recovery system is able to use a wide variety of abrasive media to remove hazardous coatings and materials when cleaning concrete or steel surfaces, including lead and asbestos.

Schmidt Blast & Recovery Systems for Sale or Rent

Available in 2.0, 3.5 and 6.5 cu. ft. systems.


Schmidt Blast Recovery System

  • Portable blaster
  • Pneumatic or electric remote controls
  • Patented Thompson Valve® II Metering System
  • Blast and recovery system can simultaneously or independently meter and ComboValve® blowdown
  • Cyclone has large, quick-opening access door and two-part screen with removable center for easy access
  • Optional, adjustable, air wash cyclone improves abrasive cleaning
  • 3-way dust collector designed for wet, dry or dry-HEPA filters
  • Automatic pulse jet prevents clogging of dust collector filters
  • Quick opening hatches make cartridges and filters easy to remove and replace
  • Urethane eductor pump is available with 225, 350, 440, or 550 cfm nozzle
  • Moisture separator and media vibrator ensures “even” flow of abrasive
  • Options include 3′ BRS head with outer brush, remote abrasive cutoff for cleaner start/stop and reduced abrasive consumption, blast pressure regulator with gauge
  • Blast hose ordered separately
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 150 psig at 250F
  • Maximum Metal Temperature: -20F at 150 psig

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