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Industrial Sandblasting Pots

Are you needing high-performance, industrial sandblasting pots? Rapid Prep has a wide variety of blast pots for sale and for rent.


Efficiently remove rust, paint, and other debris from even the toughest surfaces with our industrial pot sandblaster options below. At Rapid Prep, we offer a range of sandblasting pots for sale or rental, each with unique features and capabilities to suit any project size.

Our industrial sandblasting pots are designed to handle heavy-duty projects and have large capacities for holding abrasive materials. This means you can complete large projects without the need for constant refilling your pot sandblaster. Additionally, our sandblasting pots are equipped with state-of-the-art features such as self-cleaning filters and hydraulic augers for dust discharge. Each pot uses top-of-the-line filter cleaning systems that are 99.98% efficient to ensure a cleaner and safer work environment.

Choose from electric and diesel options, and a variety of sizes to meet the specific demands of your project. We have sandblasting pots for sale or rent, so you can choose the option that works best for your needs. Upgrade your equipment and see the difference in your results with Rapid Prep’s industrial sandblasting pots.

Industrial Sandblasting Pot Applications

Our portable pot sandblasters are perfect for use in a variety of industries such as the ones listed below:

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