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Wet Sandblasting and Slurry Blasting Equipment

Rapid Prep’s new and innovative dust-free wet blaster and slurry blaster provides nearly endless opportunities in the blasting and coatings industries.


Our wet blasting equipment and slurry blasting machines offer impressive power and performance without the downsides of surface damage, abrasive material waste, and negative environmental and human impacts resultant from traditional dust blasting processes. All of which are achieved while saving time and money. The options are endless with a Greener Blast unit in your fleet.

Rapid Prep offers dustless sandblasting equipment for sale or to rent. The Rapid Prep Greener Blast is a high-performance slurry blasting system built for maximum production, requiring a minimum of 375 CFM to operate with the ability to handle upwards of 1,500 CFM; more air equals more production.

This high-performance slurry blaster is capable of driving nozzles ranging from #6 to #12, while blasting at pressures of 15 PSI to 100 PSI. The dustless Greener Blaster allows you to tackle nearly any job!

Why Choose Wet Blasting?

Rapid Prep’s innovative wet blasting equipment offers a game-changing solution in the blasting and coatings industry. This approach creates safer and cleaner work environments, is environmentally friendly, curbs surface contamination, reduces material waste, and requires less abrasive material. Slurry blast equipment offers the versatility and ability to deliver a smoother surface finish making it perfect for precision work. Wet blasting also enhances equipment durability, operator comfort, and overall operational efficiency.

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