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Western Technology Blast Lights

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Western Technology Blast Lights: 3400 SERIES LED

Blast Light


  • 3400LEDS No Air Blast Light single outlet system comes complete with light, 100′ of 16.2 Extreme Cable, power pack, primary cord, cord plug and the new “Low Boy” stanchion.
  • All polyurethane construction makes this unit durable, long lasting & lightweight
  • 120 C AC, 1 amp standard
  • Multi-outlet Power Pack options available
  • Additionally, carious battery operated units available for a range of applications and uses designed to run on 8-28 C DC

Western Technology Blast Lights: 3600 SERIESAbrasive Blasting Lights

12V repairable blast light made especially for abrasive blasting

  • Compressed air not required for operation
  • All cast-aluminum body
  • Built in light stanchion
  • Polyurethane bumper for added durability

Western Technology Blast Lights: The BRICK®, 9610, LED, Portable Explosion Proof Light

Western Technology Blast LightsFEATURES & BENEFITS:

  • UL Listed Explosion Proof (Non-hazardous location option available)
  • Designed for portable illumination anywhere
  • Suitable for hazardous and wet locations; weather/corrosion resistant lamp assembly
  • Provides 11,520 lumens of aimable, directional white light uniformly over a broad area improves efficiency & accuracy
  • Low current and DC Voltage to light: 36VDC and 2.2A
  • Instant ON/OFF operation
  • High visual clarity, no mercury content
  • Resistant to shock and vibration
  • Maintains 80% of lumen rating after 60,000 operating hours
  • Temperature compensation technology for longer life
  • Cool to the touch during operation
  • Dimensions: Length=10″x Width=5″x Height=5″
  • Weight: 10-13 lbs depending on model
  • Mounting-Magnet: Stake: Tripod: Hook: Adjustable Stands
  • Rated for use in Canada

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