Blasting Nozzles


Blasting NozzleRapid Prep offers sandblasting nozzles and other nozzles for blasting with different abrasive media. Our blasting nozzle products are available for most every suction or direct-pressure air blast system in use today. Whether it is an automated or manual process, our blast nozzles are matched to the application to provide the highest efficiencies.

The tungsten carbide blasting nozzle offers long life and economy when rough handling cannot be avoided, and where medium cutting abrasives (glass bead, steel shot & grit, mineral or coal slag) are used. Traditionally, they are the material of choice for general blasting nozzle applications.


When it comes to maintenance on surface preparation equipment and blast equipment, abrasive blast nozzles are usually the most neglected piece. On average, you start trying to find a blast nozzle for sale when the piece is close to reaching the 50% worn mark.

Once your nozzle is 50% worn it allows approximately 2.5x more abrasives to pass through when compared to the original nozzle size.

If the compressor on your abrasive blast equipment is struggling to maintain optimal pressure, check the blast nozzle first.

An easy way to tell if your blasting nozzle has reached wear of 50% or greater is by comparing the original nozzle size with a nozzle that is two sizes larger. If the original nozzle is close to, at, or larger than 2 sizes bigger than the original blasting nozzle, you should be contacting Rapid Prep.

Our experts will get you the right blasting nozzle for your application to provide you with the greatest efficiency at the best price.

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