Abrasive Metering Valves & Controls

Schmidt Abrasive Metering Valves & Controls

Abrasive Metering ValvesRapid Prep offers only premium Schmidt® abrasive metering valves & controls, which are designed and manufactured to be the most durable and reliable in the industry.

They offer a combination of unbeatable operator safety, unmatched performance, rugged durability, and dependability.

Maximize blasting productivity and reduce downtime with these abrasive metering valves & controls!

All Schmidt valves and controls can be fitted to most brands of abrasive blasting equipment.

Rapid Prep now offers the Schmidt® MV3™ abrasive metering valve, which features an extended service life, improved clean out port, and easy to access wear components for safe & efficient maintenance.


Abrasive metering valves & controls are available in convenient conversion kits, so you can easily convert old, non-productive blasting systems into productive, efficient, money-making assets that meet OSHA standards.

Valve conversion is a quick way to extend the life and increase profits of an old blast pot. The kits we offer are able to upgrade most popular blast pot models.

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