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Safety Equipment

The sandblasting hoods by RPB, the Nova 2000 blast hood & 3 blast hoods, provide the operator with more comfort, less fatigue, better protection and improved productivity.  Sandblasting hoods feature superior operator comfort, layers of sound-deadening foam, tear-off lenses, NIOSH approved design, and meets all safety and protection requirements.

  • Tear-off lens system
  • Fully padded interior
  • NIOSH approved
  • Assigned Protection Factor (FPF) of 1,000-safe for lead abatement jobs
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Product Advantages

Features for Nova 2000 Blast Hood

  • Cape options-Nylon 28″ or 38″, Leather 28″ or 38″, or Blast Jacket XL or XXL
  • Snug detachable inner bib
  • Hand strap for easy transportation and storage
  • Super tough helmet shell that is U.V. stabilized and abrasion resistant
  • Air duct distribution system directs airflow into the breathing zone, prevents fogging and keeps workers cool
  • Large double lens for increased vision
  • Multi-layered sound deadening foam for hearing protection
  • Optional climate control
  • Constant airflow valve

Features for Nova 3 Blast Hood

  • Cape options-Nylon 28″ or 38″, Leather 28″ or 38″, or Blast Jacket XL or XXL
  • Cape is securely attached with 8 snap fasteners
  • Streamlined air system that directs air to the breathing zone, reducing lens fogging and eliminating head chill
  • Light grey surface reflects heat while the vibrant green visor ensures visibility
  • Ratchet adjustable padding system creates a secure custom fit
  • Hand strap for easy transportation and storage
  • Field-replaceable air inlet fitting with a unique thread so it can’t be installed incorrectly
  • Large viewing window that provides optimum downward and peripheral vision
  • Tough, high-pressure injection molded helmet shell, manufactured from engineering-grade nylon
  • Bellow seal creates a complete barrier to dust and particulates
  • Optional dual hot/cold climate control
  • Optional in-helmet communications

Selecting the Right Sandblasting Hood

When trying to decide which  sandblasting hood option is best, here are a few points to consider:

  • If you’re spending a lot of time wearing a sandblasting hood, you may want to consider the Nova 3 blast hood for the ultimate comfort option.
  • If durability is more important for your application, consider the Nova 2000.
  • View window options: Nova 2000 will be a smaller view window than the Nova 3 blast hood.
  • Both options offer low-fog, climate options, cape options, tear-off lenses, and sound deadening