Contractor/High Production Blast Package (Pressure Hold System)


Portable Blaster Packages

Rapid Prep’s portable blasting systems are designed to provide the lowest pressure drop while using a wide range of media.

Custom systems can be designed to meet specific needs with a multitude of options, these units feature normally closed, fail-safe valves and controls for greater safety and performance.

Features and Accessories Included:

  • Portable blaster, 150 psi (10.3 bar) rated vessel with 90˚ cone bottom head
  • Pneumatic or electric remote controls
  • Thompson II Valve
  • High Flow Auto Air Valve
  • 55′ twinline control hose
  • G2 Deadman control
  • Moisture separator
  • 50′ blast hose assembly and nozzle
  • NOVA 3® NIOSH approved type CE respirator
  • 50′ air supply hose kit
  • Radex™Airline Filter
  • LED blast light
  • Blast suit
  • Blast gloves
  • C40™ climate control device
  • GX4™ gas monitor
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Product Advantages

Package Notes

This package features a contractor blaster vessel. Comes with all accessories included in Pro Package plus:

  • C40 Climate control device (replaces cool tube)
  • GX4 gas monitor