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Desiccant is a chemical drying agent specifically formulated for Rapid Prep’s single tower compressed air drying system and natural gas pipeline dryers.

Our desiccant is a dense hygroscopic tablet that absorbs water vapor from streams of compressed air or gas. The surface of the desiccant tablet dissolves slowly, forming a brine solution which drops from the surface. The tablet continuously dissolves, or deliquesces, until the absorbent desiccant is fully consumed.

  • No Energy Consumption
  • Prevents Condensation
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Prevents Wintertime Air & Gas Line Freeze-Ups
  • Environmentally-Safe


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Product Advantages

Bag of desiccant

Additional details

  • 3/4″ Tablet
  • Available in 50 lbs. Bags, 50 lbs. Pails, 506 lbs Steel Drums and  2,000 lbs. Bulk Bags