Modular Abrasive Classification System

Grit Recycling Vacuum Blasting Equipment

This unit is engineered to accomplish more with less. It is engineered to be the most efficient high production grit system ever built. Abrasive recovery capabilities equal to that of 6-8 blast nozzles.

  • Vertical gravity-fed design eliminates most moving parts
  • Unit can be used with any portable vacuum system
  • Can process up to 20 tons of abrasive per hour
  • Four single-outlet 150 psi blast pots with Thompson II abrasive valves and over-sized pop-up valves for faster abrasive loading
  • Can be pneumatically transferred into any blast pot or storage hopper

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Technical Product Details


Size/Capacity 4 single outlet 150 psi blast pots



Dimensions Hopper and Blast Equipment 120″ L x 96″ W x 240″ H
Dimensions Recycling Tower 120″ L x 96″ W x 282″ H


Product Advantages

Rapid Prep blue Modular Recovery System

Standard Hopper and Blast Equipment

  • 60-ton hopper w/ external ladder and safety enclosure, man-way entrance, internal ladder, and large fill port w/ spiders for accelerated fill rates
  • Abrasive inlets w/ quick disconnects for transferring and loading abrasive
  • Four single-outlet 150 psi blast pots with Thompson II abrasive valves, and over-sized pop-up valves for faster loading
  • Stainless steel main panel housing controls and signal lights for the individual adjustment of each pot’s vessel pressures, blast pressures, abrasive flow, “blow-down” and “choke” functions
  • Exclusive 4-wire deadman switch provides operator with blast controls including “blow-down” and “choke” functions
  • Multi-use air manifold includes inlet options, pressure relief valve, piping for each blast pot, and other outlets for control air and accessories
  • Horizontal and vertical fork pockets, plus horizontal and vertical lifting­eyes for easy transport and set-up
  • Heavy-duty hopper includes multiple clean out ports to make clean out easy

Standard Recycling Tower

  • Heavy-duty frame w/both vertical and horizontal lifting eyes and fork pockets for easy transport and set-up
  • Stainless steel panel housing controls for screens, on-board dust collector, magnetic drum, double­dump, and abrasive transfer unit
  • (2) High-capacity 6″ vacuum inlets for entry of recovered abrasive with 8″ connections ports to vacuums (hoses not included)
  • Reclaimed abrasive cleaning capacity
  • Adjustable abrasive air-wash w/on-board dust collector for optimal cleaning
  • Adjustable magnetic drum separator for fine tuning of abrasive size
  • Full-length hoses from the vibratory screens, air-wash, dust collector and mag-drum carry all collected material to ground level for easy disposal
  • Abrasive transfer unit designed to quickly, automatically, and efficiently transfer the clean abrasive to the blast unit
  • Safety ladder and platforms for easy reach of all components

Options for Recycling Tower

  • “Super” reclaim unit cleans up to 45 tons per hour
  • Single vacuum or triple inlet units also available
  • HEPA cartridges for higher filter efficiency
  • Multiple outlet transfer units for even higher abrasive transfer speeds