Portable Abrasive Blasters


Abrasive Blasting Equipment

Rapid Prep’s Schmidt® portable abrasive blasters feature a low profile which makes loading abrasives easy. They maintain an extremely low pressure drop for increased productivity and feature a 90° angled cone bottom that improves abrasive flow. The low maintenance design of this abrasive blaster helps minimize downtime and increase operator efficiency.

  • Regulated pressure controls
  • Full port bypass to blast at low to high pressures
  • Media vibrator
  • Supports a wide range of media options
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Technical Product Details


Size/Capacity 1.5 cu. ft. 3.5 cu. ft. 6.5 cu.ft. 10 cu. ft. Contractor Blaster



Dimensions with lid/screen
Shipping Weight 170 lbs. 240 lbs. 375 lbs. 400 lbs. 428 lbs.


Product Advantages

Standard Equipment for 1.5, 3.5, 6.5 cu. ft.

  • 90° cone bottom
  • Pneumatic remote controls
  • 55′ twinline control hose
  • G2 deadman control

Standard Equipment for Contractor Blaster

  • Pressure hold system so unit does not depressurize until manual blowdown is released
  • Pneumatic and Electric remote controls available


  • Moisture separator
  • Electric controls
  • Relief valve

Options available on purchased equipment only