Radex Airline Filter


Safety Equipment

The Radex Airline Filter by RPB exceeds industry filtration standards so you can be assured that your workers won’t suffer the consequences of breathing contaminated air. Comes with a 6-stage filter cartridge that removes moisture and particulates to 0.5 micron and removes odor from the compressed air streams.

  • Adjust air pressure at a range of 0-125 psi
  • Quick disconnect coupler
  • Large capacity filter cartridge
  • Auto drain valve
  • 1-2 man and 6 man system available


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Product Advantages

Standard Equipment for 2 outlet

  • Quick disconnect coupler that is compatible with many brands
  • Outlet pressure regulator provides the ability to adjust air pressure-range 0-125 psi.
  • 150 psi safety pressure release valve
  • 1″ NPT inlet port
  • Replacement filter cartridges have a replacement date sticker for maintenance scheduling
  • Wall and floor mounting system
  • Fitted with brass drain tap
  • Strong, robust housing

Radex APF 3100 Replacement Filter Cartridges

  • 150 PSI Safety Pressure Relief Valve
  • 0-125 PSI Outlet Pressure Regulator
  • Outlet Tee
  • 1″ NP Inlet Port
  • Quick Disconnect Coupler
  • Strong, Robust Housing
  • Twist & Lock Mounting System
  • Extends Filter Life