Recycled Crushed Glass Abrasive


Crushed Glass is ideal for cleaning rust, paint or scale on steel, stainless steel, concrete, wood and aluminum surfaces. Rapid Prep’s crushed glass contains less than 0.1% free silica and is eco-friendly.

  • Lighter in weight than many slags
  • Decreased consumption efficiency – contractors can expect up to 30-50% less glass grit used
  • Quicker production time
  • Crushed glass abrasive delivers very low particle embedment
  • Delivers low dust

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Technical Product Details

Available Sizes
Extra Coarse 10/20
Coarse 20/30
Medium 30/60
Extra Fine 60/140

Product Advantages


  • Wide array of industrial blasting needs
  • Remove of rust, mill scale, thick coatings
  • Finer particles are best for smooth finishes on fiberglass, aluminum, or graffiti removal