APF3100 Air Filter Cartridge

Radex APF3100 Filter – Most Advanced Airline Filter on the Market

Radex FilterThe Radex APF3100 Filter is the most advanced airline filter on the market! It has unmatched filtration, capacity and versatility.

The large capacity, 6-stage filtration system removes oils, moisture, odor and particles to 0.5 micron from the compressed air stream. Allows for instant air pressure that can be adjusted at a range of 0-125 PSI.

The unique twist-and-lock mounting system allows you to mount the Radex AP3100 Filter to the floor or the wall. Just place the filter in position and turn to lock it (no bolts required!).

The quick disconnect coupler is compatible with other brands like Aro, Dixion, Cejn and Rectus.


  • 150 PSI Safety Pressure Relief Valve
  • 0-125 PSI Outlet Pressure Regulator
  • Outlet Tee
  • 1″ NP Inlet Port
  • Quick Disconnect Coupler
  • Strong, Robust Housing
  • Twist & Lock Mounting System
  • Extends Filter Life

*The APF3100 Filter does not remove toxic fumes or carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide alarms, monitoring devices & removal devices must be used in conjucntion with airline filters.


Filter cartridges should be inspected weekly or more often depending on how often it’s used and in what types of conditions.

Cartridges should typically be replaced after 3 months (based on 40 hour week).

Replace filter cartridges immediately if:

  • There is a presence of odor or taste in the air being supplied to the respirator
  • There is a presence of moisture at the outlet fittings
  • There is a large pressure drop across the filter

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