C40 Climate Control Device

RBP Climate Control Maximizes Comfort & Productivity with Warm/Cool Temperature Control Air Flow

C40 Climate Control DeviceThe C40™ Climate Control Device by RPB Safety maximizes worker comfort and productivity by providing convenient hot/cold temperature control air flow.

The NIOSH approved RPB Climate Control provides continues flow of warm or cool air to respirator assemblies.

The C40™ Climate Control Device can cool incoming air up to 52 degrees F. It can also heat incoming air up to 33 degrees F.

This advanced air temperature control system allows you to instantly control air flow control with a slide of a lever.

Manufactured from high-temp medical grade nylon, RPB Climate Control is designed for harsh environments.

Use the RPB C40™ Climate Control Device for blasting, painting, coating, chemical stripping, grinding or anywhere else you need air temperature control in a respirator hood.


  • Instant Air Flow Control – Increase or decrease the airflow by simply turning the flow control dial.
  • 360º Swivel Air Inlet – Ensures the device always sits comfortably on operator’s hip.
  • Revolutionary Lightweight Design – Rigorously designed to weigh no more than 9.8oz (277g).
  • Instant Temperature Control Lever – The most advanced climate control system on the market.
  • Zero Clothing Upgrades Required – Exhausted air is always directed away from the operator’s body, eliminating the need for a heat shield or heat resistant clothing.

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