Ervin Steel Grit Abrasives

Steel Grit Blasting MediaSteel Grit Abrasives create an etched surface, ideal for smooth painting and coating adhesion. Steel Grit Abrasives are sharp, typically angular in shape and harder than steel shot.

The recyclability of Steel Grit Abrasives is around 2,000 to 3,000 cycles, which means it generates less waste and has a lower environmental impact than certain other abrasives.

Steel Grit Abrasives are most commonly used in cleaning applications and stone cutting – particularly granite.

The main industries utilizing Steel Grit Abrasives are: Automotive, Petrochemical, Heavy Steel, Metal Foundaries, Forging and Construction.

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Size No.
SAE J444
Grit Tolerances
Screen Opening*
in – mm
G40 All Pass No. 18 Screen
70% Min on No. 40 Screen
80% Min on No. 50 Screen
.0394 – 1.00
.0165 – 0.425
.0117 – 0.300



  • Part No. 60LG40B LG40 Steel Grit 50 lb. Bags
  • Part No. 60LG40D LG40 Steel Grit, 1700 lb. Drum
  • Part No. 60LG40LG50D LG40 LG50 Steel Grit Blend 1700 lb.
  • Part No. 60MG40D MG40 Steel Grit, 1700 lb. Drum
  • Part No. 65LG40D LG40 Steel Grit 1700 lb. Drum